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Planting The World's First Champion Redwoods and Giant Sequoia Forest

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Stewardship Area β v.2
The Beginning of the
Sustainable World

(The World Wide Web Premiere)

Inside an ancient redwood tree

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The Beginning of the Sustainable World (The World Wide Web Premiere)

Planting The World's First Champion Redwood and Giant Sequoia Forest (Downloadable Event Poster)

The Beginning of the Sustainable World Conference Film & Music Forum (Downloadable Event Poster)

Mayor's Speech at POCSA 12-21-12 Event (Port Orford News)

"The Beginning of the Sustainable World" Photos (#rdcHQ)


Port Orford Stewardship Community Area (Map and Overview)

Port Orford Stewardship Community Area (Color Map)

Definition of Port Orford Community Stewardship Area (City of Port Orford)

Oregon Fishermen Protect Ocean, Way of Life (Ocean Frontiers)

The Dawn of a New Era in Ocean Stewardship (Ocean Frontiers)

Ecosystem-Based Management Outreach in Port Orford, Oregon (SeaWeb)

Ecosystem Based Management Comes to S. Oregon Port (Triple Pundit)

Port Orford Ocean Resource Team and POCSA (POORT)

Sustainability (Port Orford Sustainable Seafood)

Will The Country Follow Its Ocean Pioneers? (Ecotrust Blog)

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Port Orford Community Coop


SLDI Project Goes Carbon Negative (Triple Pundit)

“You are brilliant, and the Earth is hiring” (Triple Pundit)

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Elk River Salmon Emphasis Area from Trout Unlimited on Vimeo.

POCSA-Related News

Earth Day 2013 from Rural Design Collective on Vimeo.

03.22.15 - Eden Project scheme will preserve coast redwood trees for future generations (The Guardian)

03.22.15 - Eden Project to plant grove of giant redwoods (Western Morning News)

03.22.15 - Reborn – the giant tree felled as a result of a bar-room wager (The Independent)

03.18.15 - Cloning the world’s largest trees to help minimize global warming (Go Further / Ford)

03.12.15 - ​Planting a Clone of an Old Growth Coast Redwood​Stump (Port Orford Rotary)

03.11.15 - Ancient Trees Sprout New Life (Scientific American)

03.05.15 - Sequoias Gigantes - The largest living things on earth​ (Globo TV)

03.05.15 - Champion tree project takes root at the Special K Ranch​ (Stillwater County News)

03.01.15 - Moving The Giants (Spoken Image)

03.03.15 - New Redwoods For Curry County (Curry Coastal Pilot)

02.27.15 - Champion Coast Redwood Tree Clones To Be Planted At Curry County Lobster Creek Park (AATA)

02.18.15 - 1000 Old Growth Champion Redwood Clones To Be Planted On The Southern Oregon Coast (AATA)

02.11.15 - 1000 Redwoods headed to S. Oregon Coast (Curry County Pilot)

02.10.15 - Next Stop Oregon: Archangel Ships 1000 Champion Trees (AATA)

09.27.14 - Building an Ark for the Anthropocene (NYT)

08.20.14 - Archangel to Go Native (AATA)

04.25.13 - The Archangel Tree Project Plants its First Cloned Redwoods in Seven Countries (Inhabitat)

04.25.13 - Cloned Redwood Trees Planted @ College Of Marin (CBS / SF)

04.23.13 - Redwoods Go Global (Curry Coastal Pilot)

04.23.13 - Can Cloning Giant Redwoods Save the Planet? (Smithsonian)

04.22.13 - Cloning takes CA ancient redwood trees abroad (USA Today)

04.22.13 - Clones Of Giant, Ancient CA Trees Planted In 7 Countries (TPM)

04.22.13 - Global Earth Day Planting Event (AATA)

04.22.13 - Non-profit wants to clone the world's oldest trees to reforest the planet (TreeHugger)

04.22.13 - Group Plants Duplicates on Earth Day (Science World Report)

04.22.13 - Group's Cloned Redwood Trees Planted Globally (Nature World)

04.19.13 - Giant redwood trees to be grown just outside Tamworth (UK)

12.04.12 - Ancient Cloned Trees Planted to Begin New Forest of Redwoods (Oregonian) (Original link broken. See updated 2019 story)

12.03.12 - World’s First Planting of a Champion Redwood & Sequoia Forest (Archangel Ancient Tree Archive)

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Port Orford Community Stewardship Area

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